Our Solution

Revolutionize the way you share information in videos.

  • Convert traditional videos into interactive experiences
  • Give viewers specific, detailed information on demand
  • Enable unique story-telling
  • Turn passive viewers into active consumers

World Premiere

The latest development in the WeTagVideos technology is a patent-pending chat and commenting feature that you can integrate into your videos along with the interactive tags. Our chat-in-video function allows viewers to communicate with sales or service teams by adding questions or comments directly to the video. This feature increases customer satisfaction, reduces call center costs, and connects viewers with the appropriate agents based on the specific objects they have questions about.

Immediate Business Insights

WeTagVideos introduces a brand-new tool to the world of video marketing. As your viewers click on our tags, you’ll gain unique insights about your viewers and their interests. Take advantage of this valuable information to develop products and services that will grow your business.

Reach & Engagement
  • Increase viewing time and time on site
  • Add contextual content on demand
  • Create interactive, web-searchable, and shareable tags
  • Chat inside videos on an object level
Call to Action
  • Get contact details, initiate sales, share on social media, etc.
  • Initiate cross-selling
  • Make advertising more attractive and valuable
Performance & Analytics
  • Obtain detailed insights on user interactions within specific topics
  • Get in-depth reporting on content usage
  • Predict the effectiveness of content consumption