Uploading videos

For the best performance, your videos must meet the following criteria:


You can upload videos of 120mb per clip in our free version. If you have larger files, please contact us.


WeTagVideos currently supports video from 480p up to 1080p (1920x1080) or HD format, with 4k video available on request. You can also upload 360-degree videos as supplementary content.


Objects you would like to tag in your videos must stay visible for at least 4 seconds. Our system also offers fixed tags, in case the objects in question fail to meet this guideline.

Please keep in mind that fast-moving objects in action sequences and large objects with uniform surfaces are difficult to track. Tags work best on small elements or anchor points where surfaces or lines intersect. Ensure that objects are well lit and the video is of good quality. You may want to skip the video forward and backward before you place tags to ensure your objects meet the guideline.


The free version of WeTagVideos offers two simultaneous published video feeds per account, unlimited tags, and chat. If you’d like to publish more, please contact us.


You must possess the rights to use the videos and comply with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines at all times.