Chat & Commenting in Videos on an Object Level

The latest development in the WeTagVideos technology is a patent-pending chat and comment feature that you can integrate into your videos along with the interactive tags. By adding questions or comments directly to the video, viewers can communicate directly with your sales or service teams. This feature increases customer satisfaction, reduces call center costs, and connects viewers with the appropriate agents based on the specific objects they have questions about.

Introducing WeTagVideos

The Ultimate in Video Engagement

Unlike other tag solutions, our service allows you to tag specific objects in videos, even those that move. With these tags, you can embed extra content so that a viewer can click to pause and learn about a point you highlighted, then continue watching.

And with our exclusive in-video chat feature, a viewer can click on an object or area of interest and chat with a service agent without ever leaving the video. This new technology can transform your videos into efficient platforms that convey detailed information on demand and connect your viewers directly to your products and services.


Choose a video you want to enhance and upload it to our site

Our tags give your videos more details and flexibility, so your viewers can spend their time on what interests them most, showing you what they really want.

Your Challenges

When you create a video, you have so many factors to consider: budget, narrative, audience reach and interests, input from team members, relevant data versus entertainment value, and so much more. While you’d love to include everything, such a video would overwhelm your audience.

Our Solution

With WeTagVideos, you can produce shorter videos and tag specific objects and areas in them. On each tag, you can add more information – mini-clips, images, or links – for your viewers to click. When you go live, your viewers can see the tags and choose those that interest them.

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Place tags on specific objects in your uploaded video, then attach your extra content to the tags

Take control of your website content and customer experience. The interactions you create will increase your time-on-site numbers, giving you more opportunities to develop better customer connections. And the in-video chat opens a new door to connecting with your audience.

Info Tags

Inform your audience! Choose an Info Tag and add images, graphics, or charts to provide additional details. When viewers click on these tags, they learn more about your products and you learn more about your viewers.

Video Tags

Put videos in your videos! The Video Tag lets you deepen the interactive experience, giving your viewers more to watch and your site more viewing time.

Fixed or Object Tags

Choose your preferred tag method! Object Tags require said object to be clearly visible for 4 seconds. Fixed Tags work great for interviews that show people up close, or when the system can’t track certain objects in the image.


Publish your interactive experience by embedding our secure link on your site or sharing a private link

With WeTagVideos, you save time and money with a ready-to-use solution that enhances your content and integrates into your website. No advanced skills needed! We give you easy and fast content updating, detailed interaction data, smooth website integration, and stylesheets to fit your corporate identity.

Easy and fast content updating

When you want to update content for marketing events, seasons, or any other reasons, you can add or exchange your tags and their content at any time. Because who wants to re-shoot or re-edit an entire video? With WeTagVideos, you add, replace, and delete information however you want, whenever you want.

Detailed interaction data

Our system captures customer interactions, and you can use these insights to improve business decisions. WeTagVideos can track views, clicks per tag, chat locations, and time spent watching your supporting content. From these interactions, you‘ll get deeper data on what content works and what doesn’t.

Smooth website integration

After you upload and tag your interactive video, copy-paste the iFrame into your site and then publish the video and the tags. You can also share your video with a private link instead.


With our stylesheets, you can customize our visual elements to fit your corporate identity so videos blend in with your site design but stand out with their multi-level functionality.

Chat in Videos.

Build relationships, address questions, improve service, and ultimately increase conversions

Unlike any other video service currently available, WeTagVideos offers an in-video chat function. Now a viewer can see a product or feature and immediately click the item to say, “Tell me more about this.” That click will send a message about the clicked item to your customer service department, where an agent can answer in real time and relevant detail.

Instant Chat in Videos

This feature allows viewers to connect directly with sales or service teams by asking questions in the video. Our in-video chat increases customer satisfaction, reduces call center costs, and connects customers with the appropriate departments based on the specific objects they have questions about.

Improved customer experience

WeTagVideos will transform your traditional videos into efficient platforms that convey specific, detailed, and on-demand information for your brand. Our chat feature allows you to gain sales leads and improve your customer service and retention.

Advanced Analytics

With our chat feature and interactive tags, we bring videos to new levels. Every click brings you more insights to what your viewers like and want, allowing you to adjust your products to their interests.